Saturday, June 22, 2013

I don't understand Foxglove.

It's been awhile.
Here's a nice picture of our garden in full bloom.
We've got foxglove in the back, knockout roses in the middle, and salvia in the front.

After the heavy rains all of the rose blooms disappeared, but they're coming back for the second round now.

This looked great for a few weeks, but unfortunately now the foxglove is starting to dry out, and the leaves are turning whitish. This happened to our other set of Foxglove, and it completely dried out and died. It was weird because the soil was moist the entire time. I don't recall the type of Foxglove that we purchased, but it was clearly marked as "Perennial."

The leaves are starting to turn white and to dry out.

This is our other set of Foxglove which died a couple of weeks ago. I cut it down because it was an eyesore.

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